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Cherry View Milk is bringing you the opportunity to buy the freshest milk, straight from a local, family owned farm.

It is produced by a small herd of beautiful prizewinning Holstein and Jersey cows. All of these cows have their own personalities and are known by their names, herd favourites include Cutes, Dellia, Pat, Lacey and Farrah.

The milk offered through the vending machine is pasteurised to kill any harmful bacteria but other than that it is completely ‘real’. By this we mean that it has not undergone the industrial processes of homogenisation and standardisation which standard milk is treated with. This means you will get a good old-fashioned layer of cream on the top of your bottle. If this isn’t your thing, just shake the bottle and it will mix back in. 

Cherry View Milk is a unique product within East Yorkshire. It is the freshest and most natural milk you can buy in this area. The milk has no food miles and is never more than 24 hours old. It is so wonderfully fresh that we think you’d better buy extra, as you may have drunk it all before you get home!

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