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Are bottles provided?

We hope that you will buy a recyclable glass milk bottle from the milk shed to keep the whole process as sustainable as possible. There are 2 litre plastic bottles available too for your convenience.


Do you sell raw milk?

We have made the decision to pasteurise milk before selling it. This ensures that any harmful bacteria have been killed.


Can I just come to the farm to buy milk?

Yes, please do. The milk shed will be open every day from 7am – 7pm and you can serve yourself using the specialist milk vending machine.


You say your milk is not homogenised or standardised – what does this mean?

Homogenisation and standardisation are both industrial processes which are applied to the milk you buy from the supermarket.

Homogenisation – this process smashes all the delicate fat molecules in the milk into tiny pieces of the same size so that they are unable to rise to the top. This is why you never see that lovely cream on the top of the milk.  Research has shown that the changes to the fat globules can cause allergic reactions and make milk less digestible.


Standardisation – this is where all the butterfat (cream) is removed and then some is returned to make either the “whole milk”, “semi-skimmed” or “skimmed” milk (Removing all the goodness and the taste!).

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