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Why Cherry View Milk Is So Good!!

It’s been just over 6 months since we launched Cherry View Milk and the thing that we love most is reading and hearing your wonderful reviews of our farm fresh milk. It has inspired me to write this month’s blog about just what it is that makes Cherry View Milk so special.

1. It’s so fresh

It’s quite possible that the milk you used to buy from the supermarket was four days old before it even arrived on the supermarket shelf. Most dairy farms only have milk collected by the big milk tanker lorries every two (sometimes three) days. Milk then has to be processed (pasteurised, homogenised, standardised and bottled) and then distributed all over the country to retailers. All of that takes time!

In contrast, Cherry View Milk is fresh every day. The milk you buy from The Milk Shed is produced by our cows at their 6am milking. It is pasteurised here on farm and then only has to travel a few metres to The Milk Shed. Now that’s FRESH!

2. It’s from a small herd of happy cows

Our days are spent looking after our small herd of cows from dawn until dusk (and beyond!) Caring for these ladies is our main priority and we think this is an important factor behind producing quality milk for you. Nowadays many dairy herds have had to grow in size rapidly in response to very low milk prices. In some cases, this has meant that herds have lost the individual touch. Here at Cherry View Milk we know each of our girls by name and can follow each of their families back over generations (see January Blog). When you buy Cherry View Milk you know that it has been produced by Pat, Lacey, Cutes and Dellia and we know you enjoy seeing pictures, hearing what they’ve been up to and seeing them when you visit the farm.

3. We have ‘ The Jersey Factor’

As you will have seen when you visit The Milk Shed, we have a number of Jersey cows. These beautiful cows produce the creamiest milk and the blend of Jersey and Holstein milk we offer gives Cherry View Milk a very special flavour profile.

4. It’s not homogenised or standardised

Cherry View Milk is pasteurised to kill any harmful bacteria but compared to supermarket milk it is far less processed. This is because it has not undergone the industrial processes of homogenisation and standardisation which standard milk is treated with. To explain these processes a little further:

Homogenisation – this process smashes all the delicate fat molecules in the milk into tiny pieces of the same size so that they are unable to rise to the top. This is why you never see that lovely cream on the top of the milk you buy from the supermarket. Research has shown that the changes to the fat globules can cause allergic reactions and make milk less digestible.

Standardisation – this is where all the butterfat (cream) is removed and then some is returned to make either the “whole milk”, “semi-skimmed” or “skimmed” milk (Removing all the goodness and the taste!).

As Cherry View Milk is not processed in these ways you still get a good old-fashioned layer of cream on the top of your bottle.

If you’ve not already tried Cherry View Milk – what are you waiting for?!

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