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Developing Links With Schools

This month I’ve been lucky enough to deliver some sessions in our village primary school. Prior to becoming ‘The Milk Lady’ I was a lecturer (teaching livestock production) by trade so getting back in the classroom, albeit with much younger students, has been fantastic.

I feel it is so important that children know where their food comes from and the effort that goes into producing it. Research has shown that 1/5 of young children don’t know that milk comes from a cow. Never before have the population in general been so far removed from the countryside and food production. If children don’t know what food is and where it comes from, how can they possibly judge what is healthy or unhealthy for them?

The children at Cherry Burton School were so interested in the milking process and really enjoyed watching a video showing how we milk the cows. There are loads of extension activities which can be developed after the initial session on cow management. Cherry Burton School designed milk carton packaging, porridge recipes and even built our farm in miniature based on their ideas.

I am just about to start selling ice cream made with Cherry View Milk and the school children were the first to get a taste. This was the perfect end to their Cow Science lesson. They described it as ‘the best we’ve ever tasted – creamy and refreshing!’ I am sure they had an added appreciation of the ice cream having just learned about the work involved in its production.

I am really keen to develop more links with local schools and pre-schools. I hope to be able to visit and deliver sessions on how we care for our cows and how Cherry View Milk is produced. If you know a teacher or school who might be keen to discuss what I can offer please contact me (Becky) by email or call 07966 527783.

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